ACI - CANMET Conference,  July '07 ,  Warsaw, Poland
Having been associated with CANMET, Canada during the prestigious HVFACprojectindia , I was personally invited  by Dr. V. M.Malhotra - the father of High Volume flyash Concrete to present at the next conference of American Concrete Institute - our findings in the HVFAC demonstration projects in Delhi. The one week trip to this European country which was completely devastated in the 2nd world war and then reconstructed in the fifties and sixties was  eye opening. The architecture was particularly impressive. Funded mostly from my own pocket, (partly sponsored by Dr. Malhotra) It was a budget trip. Had an interesting experience staying at a youth Hostel - Nathan's Villa - 2 km away from THE HILTON - the conference venue.  Went to see krakow - the beautiful old city - 300 km from Warsaw on the last day of the conference. Was a stone's throw away from the famous Auschwitz Concentration Camp of the Nazis but could'nt make it due to shortage of time. On the whole - An interesting trip !  My conference paper was titled - Field Experiences in HVFAC - The Indian Experience.
ACI - CANMET Conference,  July '07 ,  Warsaw, Poland
Nathan's Villa - A youth hostel that i could book online before I left delhi. Facilities included a common kitchen, free breakfast, Internet, laundry etc.
A beautiful Polish horse and his buggy
Pope John paul - II the influential 20th century leader belonged to Poland
Dr. Pappianni of Aristotle University, who designed the HVFAC mix for  the largest

Dam  in Europe.
Dr. Tarun Naik a bold researcher/ professor from Wisconsin
Nabil - my CANMET friend from Morrocco
Some of the cream from the world of HVFAC
Beautiful Architecture  !

The street scene on the right became a subject of a water painting
But alas !

After 2 yrs it is still unfinished !