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The SMART-CL is a Rapid Chloride-Ion Permeability Test apparatus as per ASTM - 1202 - 05 made by people who understand High Performance Concrete. Having conducted hundreds of tests on different concretes, the apparatus has been developed and fine-tuned over a period of 3 years and has been used extensively on prestigious demonstration projects of the hvfacproject-India to assess the permeability of concrete.
Concretes incorporating fly ash or silica fume are less permeable to deleterious elements and thus are more durable than conventional concretes. The Rapid Chloride-ion Permeability Test (RCPT)  was designed to assess the resistance of concrete to the penetration of chloride ions, an indicator of its permeability.

The SMART-CL is a  fully self-contained, complete kit as per ASTM C 1202-05 .
There are two models available with features listed below :

SMART CL1 - With a provision for tests on 3 specimens simultaneously . The Power supply unit for this model supplies a constant Voltage of 60 V DC and displays the Current in milliAmperes  in each channel on large bright digital readouts on the  unit front panel. These are to be recorded manually every 30 mts. by the operator.  This is our most popular model preferred by universities and institutions where economy along with simplicity is required.

SMART CL3 - This  model - a result of further R & D, allows to conduct tests on 4 specimens simultaneously. The Automatic Data Acquisition unit ( DAQ) supplies a regulated DC current of 60 V (with provision for +/- adjustment), displays the process values ( Current & Cell temperature parameters ) in real time and stores this data every 5 minutes (user settable interval). The programmed unit shuts the test off once the user specified period (factory setting - 6 hrs.) is over. After the test, the user simply removes the storage device ( special pen drive) from the DAQ unit and connects it to the PC / Laptop where the data in X-cel format can be studied and further worked with.

The concrete cylindrical specimens - 50 mm thk. are first prepared by coating the dry side surface with a special sealer and then  vacuum conditioning it for 22 hrs. as per the ASTM Codal procedure.  The saturated specimens are then mounted in the Plexiglass cells, the sealant applied and the reservoirs filled with NaCl & NaOH solutions respectively. The cell terminals are then connected to the Power supply unit through cables provided one for each channel and the test started. 
The passing current magnitude depends on the ions passing through the pores of the concrete specimen (including chloride ions), which in turn depend on the permeability of concrete.

In case of
SMART CL1 the current is recorded manually from the digital readouts of the power supply unit - every hr., for 6 hrs. The recorded values of specimen diameter  and current are fed into the accompanying spreadsheet software to get the final RCPT value. The  total charge Q passed in 6 hrs. is calculated as per the formula :
Q = 900 ( I0 + 2I30 + 2I60 + 2I120   ........+ I360 )  

The value is adjusted for specimen diameters other than 95 mm . This charge in coulombs is an indication of the Cl-Ion penetrability as listed below.

SMART CL3 the current and temperature are automatically picked by the Automatic Data Acquisition System (DAQ) every 5 minutes and  these parameters  displayed on the LED panel in real time. After the specified time set by the user (factory setting - 6 hrs.) elapses, the test is shut off. The user may then conveniently transfer the stored data to a PC / laptop and study / process it later.

Charge passed (Coulombs)       Chloride ion Penetrability
                                                        > 4000                             High
                                                           2000 - 4000                   Moderate
                                                           1000 - 2000                   Low
                                                           100 - 1000                     Very low
                                                        < 100                               Negligible

The kit is accompanied by a  free demonstration cum training of the clients' staff in our laboratory  as well as technical support later.
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